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Lofoten and Vesterålen belong probably to one of the best that can be found in Norway. The south consists of several islands and many wild fjords. The north of the archipelago (often mistakenly called Lofoten as well) is the Vesterålen archipelago in fact. On its northernmost foreland, there are the towns of Andenes and Bleik, which represent the starting point for whale watching.


The small port of Henningsvær is a permanent anchorage ground of the boat and, thus, the starting and ending point for cruises; the relevant airports are Svolvær or Evenes – depending on the most advantageous flights at the given moment. Some crews choose to travel by their car, for example in the case of sightseeing through Norway and lease a boat for only a few days to diversify their trip.

In the summer season, the purpose of your cruise can be, for example, hiking in the mountains, fishing for your consumption, random watching of killer whales, sea eagles and seals, relaxation in a unique environment of mountains and fishing villages. The sun does not nearly go down at that time, and the weather is excellent – during the day around 18–24 °C, rain occurs only occasionally. In addition to the enjoyment of sailing in the mountains, the advantage of the boat usage consists in the opportunity to see places inaccessible from the mainland. Moreover, these places are almost deserted, even in the full season.The cruises are convenient to choose arbitrarily in the area of all islands, preferably south of Henningsvær, to Reine and Å.

In the winter season, ski mountaineering is the primary choice in the mountains around the Henninsgvær base and killer whale watching, combined with relaxation in the picturesque harbours. During March–April, the day is long similarly as in Central Europe, and temperatures are between 5–10 °C during the day. During this period, there is considerable authentic activity in the whole area, as fishers coming from all over the coast use herring run and the associated occurrence of codfish for rich winter fishing.


Sun on Lofoten: the day length behind the Arctic Circle is from all-day light to all-day darkness throughout the year. On Lofoten, there is all-day twilight since December 7 to January 5; on the contrary, from about May 27 to July 14, the sun does not go down at all; on March 20–21 and September 20.–23, spring and autumn equinoxes occur, respectively. For a detailed diagram of the sunshine length, click here Daylight Lofoten

Whales: The most guaranteed whale occurrence is between Andenes and Bleik in the north of Vesterålen. It is possible to sail there as part of your cruise, but the voyage from the south of Lofoten takes about 12–14 hours in one direction, while the whale watching is the only specialization there. The most common occurrence of Sperm Whales is in summer when their backs can be seen every 20–30 minutes, and, after 5–7 minutes on the surface, they dive again, showing off their massive tail fins above the surface. Moreover, you can watch the Killer Whales and Pilot Whales. In winter, in addition to the already mentioned “summer” occurrences, Humpback Whales and Fin Whales can be observed.

To make better use of the boat in Lofoten, without having to sail to Andenes, you can drive from Henningsvær to Andenes by our partner’s local car in summer as well in winter and take a whale cruise in Andenes on the local boats. It is possible to obtain up-to-date information on the cetacean occurrence in advance, book seats on the boat and drive to Andenes purposefully for a specific port leaving. The journey by car (one way) takes about 4 hours, and the cruise takes about 4 hours, and such an event can be managed without an overnight stay in Andenes.



The area on the northern foreland of Vesterålen, near the towns of Andenes and Bleik, is unique for its almost-permanent presence of various species of cetaceans, depending on the season. This is due to the cycle of their food occurrence, typically herrings for example, in combination with the relief of the continental shelf creating an undersea canyon, approaching the coast from depths of over 2,000 meters.



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What you can expect on your cruise:
  • Use of a durable, stable, comfortable, and safe ship equipped for expeditionary voyages under challenging conditions
  • During the voyage along the wild coast, to bays and canyons, in the area of almost unearthly Neverland, within “home” comfort of the ship, you can experience
    • Encounters with whales, seals, sea eagles, moose, and other animals
    • Evening anchoring in wild bays or in authentic fishing villages, with the possibility of tasting local specialities
    • Fishing and fish cooking on board
    • rips around the mainland by a car
    • Whale safari trip in Andenes
    • In summer, the possibility of climbing of the mountains in difficulty chosen by you
    • In winter, ski mountaineering treks starting from the boat
  • You will have a unique opportunity to experience Lofoten without tourists! … 99% of tourists are tied to land transport so that you can avoid them thanks to the boat
  • You will feel materialized relaxation in an environment where it is customary to be calm and quiet, not to steal and not to cheat – a medicine for the soul of sensitive individuals
  • You will get a source of an endless amount of information and local knowledge, gained by a professional sailing of tens of thousands of miles of our crews from the Atlantic, through the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, to the Greenland Sea and the Arctic Ocean




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For the calendar and prices of the Nonoah boat rental, click here Calender, prices

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